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THE BCS-160 model is an Non-stop 1+1 pockets banknote discriminator banknote sorter which is cost effective,reliable,and heavy duty machine. It is equipped with DOUBLE CIS, with the latest and advanced counterfeit detection technology,it is very easy to upgrade the software by USB to fit the new issues and new counterfeit banknotes.
Also it can collect banknotes images both through USB and LAN port. This machine is ideal for bank tellers and CIT company where banknotes need to be counted.This machine is ideal for bank tellers and CIT company where banknotes need to be counted.


  • Description

Product Description

Compact size
It can be placed even on small table.
TFT Screen
It has clearly visible 3.5 inch TFT screen.
Multi-currencies Capability
It can be installed with 14 different currencies in one machine at most.
Reliable Counterfeit Detection
It can detect the note by UV, MG, MT, IR, CIS and serial number.
Serial Number Read and Print
It can read serial number from both sides, output and print the serial number.
Easy Upgrade
It can be upgraded through USB memory stick or PC interface for the new currency and improved software.
Banknotes Info Collection
It can support to collect the banknotes image, UV, MG, IR information through USB or LAN port,

RIBAO engineer can use those information for software development.

Easy Jam Removal and Sensor Cleanning
It is easy to open the passage from rear side to clear jammed notes and clean the sensors.
Dust Proof Cover
Its distinctive dust proof cover is very good for users’ health.

Hopper capacity 500pcs
Stacker capacity 300pcs
Rejected pocket capacity MAX 100pcs
Display 3.5 inch TFT screen
Suitable note size Length: 100mm~175mm
Width: 50mm~90mm
Suitable note thickness 0.05mm~0.12mm
Speed 800/1000pcs/min(MIX & SDC Mode)
1200pcs/min(CNT Mode)
Batch number 5~199pcs
Connectivity External printer/PC port: RS232
LAN port:RJ45
External display port: RJ12
Software upgrade/Information collection port: USB/LAN
Save counted information port: Micro-SD card
Available currency software more than 40 currencies
Operation modes Single denomination sorting/Mix counting/Pieces counting/Face/Orientation Sorting
Counterfeit detection Ultraviolet detection(UV)
Magnetism detection(MG)
Metal thread detection(MT)
Infrared image detection(IR)
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz ±10%
AC 110V 60Hz ±10%
Power consumption Sleeping mode ≦15W
Operation mode≦70W
Packing Details
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) 315mmx330mmx330mm
Net Weight 13kg
Transportation Packing 1unit/carton
Carton Dimension 415mmx415mmx475mm
Gross Weight/carton 15kg